White Label Courses

What Are White Label Courses?

White label courses are a vital part of the online education landscape, providing a streamlined solution for businesses looking to extend their educational offerings without the extensive time and resource commitments associated with course development.

At their core, white label courses are pre-designed, fully-developed educational materials created by specialized educational content producers. These courses cover a myriad of topics, from intricate disciplines like data science and business strategy to more general subjects such as personal development or creative arts.

The true magic of white label courses, however, lies in their branding flexibility. Once these courses are created, they can be purchased by another company, the reseller, who can then rebrand these courses under their own name, aligning them seamlessly with their existing branding elements like logos, color schemes, and design aesthetics.

What makes white label courses a sought-after solution is the ease with which businesses can amplify their educational offerings. By leveraging the expertise of course creators, companies can offer comprehensive, high-quality courses to their audience without the need for in-house subject matter experts or course developers. The benefit is twofold - while the reseller can extend their educational content, the course producer can generate revenue from their knowledge and course creation efforts.

The growing popularity of white label courses reflects a larger trend in online education – the emphasis on convenience, quality, and variety. For businesses seeking to enhance their industry presence, white label courses present a cost-effective, high-impact strategy for educational expansion.

Whether you’re a small business wanting to offer value-added services to your customers, or a large corporation seeking to provide extensive employee training, white label courses offer an efficient and highly customizable solution.

How Does White Label Course Licensing Work?

You simply choose which course(s) you’d like to license. Once you pay the fee, you’ll be provided with the download link(s) for the course content. You then may place the content on your website, or on your LMS at the licensed website address. You may set any price for the course that you’d like or give the white label course away.

How Much Does White Label Course Licensing Cost?
Cost is calculated by the number of courses you wish to license, and the number of websites you’d like to license the courses for. The more courses that you license, the less you’ll pay per course. We also have a dynamic course licensing program, where you can license our entire course library and access new courses as they’re added to the library. Dynamic course licensing is perfect if you need new content on a regular basis.

On average, course licensing fees average between $250 and $1,500 per course.

How Long Does a Course License Last?
We like to keep things simple. When you license a course, you have a lifetime license to resell or distribute the course. You are only limited to selling or using the course on a specific site, or set of sites, that we specify in your license.

Can I make alterations and changes to licensed coures?
You are welcome to change the course to suit your individual needs.

What Do Framework Tech Courses include?

Framework Tech specializes in broadcast quality, interactive coursesthat are designed to meet the highest standards of onlne education. Our courses are taught by professional instructors who know how to make complex material easy to digest. Most tech experts are not teachers, however, at Framework Tech we’re teachers first and tech experts second.

Each course includes:
Broadcast Quality Video shot in our Connecticut-based studios. We’ve invested in the right studio equipment and technology so that each video feels and sounds like it’s on broadcast television-- not shot in the instructors bedroom.

Engaging Activities are an integral part of almost every course. Most people learn by doing, not simply watching an online demonstration. Our highly relevant activities ensure that learning sticks and that viewers are immediately able to integrate news skills in to their work.

White Label Courses Available for Licensing

General Coding

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
Game Fundamentals with Unity 10 10 2:52 Beginner
Introduction to Programming 174 42 12:00 Beginner
Introduction to Python 3 (2022 Edition) 32 6 3:01 Beginner
Java for Beginning Beginners 42 7 4:18 Beginner
Mobile App Development with PhoneGap 61 18 5:16 Beginner
Python Code Camp 9 8 1:56 Beginner
Python for Beginners 65 54 5:21 Beginner
Swift 5 Fundamentals 30 32 2:46 Beginner

Graphic/Digital Design

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
Digital Typography Basics 3 0 0:13 Beginner
Figma for Digital Product Design 33 5 2:31 Beginner
Fundamental Design Concepts 8 3 0:43 Beginner
InDesign Building Blocks 11 20 2:49 Beginner
Photoshop Fundamentals 2019 8 3 2:08 Beginner
Principals of Composition 5 5 0:51 Beginner
Prototyping with Sketch 64 8 5:53 Beginner
Rock Out with Photoshop 35 3 2:31 Beginner
User Experience Design with Adobe XD 16 43 4:20 Beginner

Information Technology

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
Cybersecurity Fundamentals for End Users 7 0 0:31 All Levels
Introduction to Server Administration 76 10 4:59 Intermediate
Project Management w/ Microsoft Project 71 4 5:04 Beginner
SQL Database for Beginners 56 87 6:38 Beginner

Office and Productivity

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
Asana Fundamentals 30 0 0:51 Beginner
ChatGPT: Minutes to Mastery 5 5 0:13 All Levels
Google Calendar Professional 24 0 1:47 Beginner
Google Docs Fundamentals 31 5 1:03 Beginner
Google Forms Fundamentals 15 0 0:53 Beginner
Google Sheets Fundamentals 16 8 1:07 Beginner
LinkedIn Profile for Professionals 40 8 2:03 All Levels
Mastering Microsoft Word 365 31 5 1:29 Beginner
Microsoft Excel: Minutes to Mastery 11 4 0:30 Beginner
Microsoft Powerpoint 365 Fundamentals 20 3 1:45 Beginner
Powerful Presentations with Google Slides 34 6 1:51 Beginner
Time Management with Google Calendar 21 0 0:48 All Levels
Writing Professional Emails 6 0 0:15 Beginner

Software Skills

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
Streaming Video Fundamentals 8 0 0:29 All Levels

Web Development

Course Number of Videos Number of Activities Video Time HH:MM Level
AJAX Development 23 24 2:58 Beginner
Bootstrap Responsive Design 43 0 2:55 Intermediate
Client-Side Engineer Boot Camp 64 10 5:12 Beginner
CSS3 Foundations 2023/24 8 9 1:39 Beginner
HTML5 for Mobile Devices 37 21 2:18 Beginner
HTML5 Foundations 2023/24 8 9 1:41 Beginner
HTML5 Specialist 19 17 2:45 Beginner
HTML5: Minutes to Mastery 6 6 0:31 Beginner
HTML Images Workshop 1 0 0:28 Beginner
JavaScript Foundations 2023/24 23 23 4:34 Beginner
JavaScript Specialist 23 15 6:04 Beginner
jQuery for Application Development 67 11 5:12 Intermediate
jQuery Fundamentals Workshop 1 0 0:41 Beginner
Learn SASS and SCSS 42 31 3:19 Intermediate
Mastering CSS 10 9 1:47 Beginner
NodeJS: Developing Web Applications 77 10 8:19 Intermediate
PHP (2017 Edition) 54 8 3:31 Beginner
PHP Fundamentals 2019 12 12 2:39 Beginner
Rapid Web Development with Zyro 29 4 2:21 Beginner
Responsive Design for Web Designers 12 3 0:50 Intermediate
Web Form Validation Workshop 1 0 0:29 Beginner
WordPress for Web Development 85 21 18:58 Intermediate
Wix Web Development 9 7 0:52 Beginner
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