Getting to Know Your iPad

iPad OS

The iPad has transformed the way people use a computer. Whether reading a book or magazine or reviewing a complex spreadsheet, the iPad can do it all in a form factor that fits in a manila envelope.

However, many iPad users don't take full advantage of what the iPad device and iPad operating system offer.

If you'd like to master the iPad, and use the iPad as the ultimate productivity tool, this course is for you.

In Getting to Know iPad OS, instructor Mitchell Weinbaum will have you feel comfortable with the iPad in no time-- and quickly, you'll become a power user. You'll start by configuring your iPad according to your preferences, installing and deleting apps, and multitasking. Mitchell will take you through all of the installed apps and teach you tips and tricks to make you a productive iPad power user.

If you want to learn how to make your iPad a proper productivity tool, this course is for you!

Expresslane to Expertise
iPad OS
Mitchell Weinbaum
2 Hours 2 Minutes
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