CyberSecurity 101

Desktop Security

In today's interconnected world, online security isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. Digital Safeguarding 101 is an engaging and easy-to-follow course tailored for individuals seeking to boost their digital literacy and online safety skills. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to protect yourself in the digital landscape, all in a manner that’s relatable and easy to understand.

Core Modules:
Passwords: Unlock the secrets of creating strong, unique passwords to keep your online accounts secure.

Phishing Prevention: Learn to spot and sidestep the traps that scammers set to steal your personal information.

Preventing Identity Theft: Equip yourself with practical strategies to safeguard your identity online.

Good Log-on and Log-off Habits: Master the art of secure digital entry and exit, minimizing risks each time you log on or off.

Virus Prevention: Learn how to keep your devices healthy and free from malicious software.

Empower your employees, students, or community members with the tech skills they need to navigate the digital world securely. Digital Safeguarding 101 is your go-to resource for achieving a fortified online presence, boosting productivity, and promoting digital well-being.

CyberSecurity 101
Desktop Security
Mark Lassoff
30 Minutes
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