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Digital skills are the "readin', writin' and arithmetic" of the current age. Without these skills you're limited in the job market. Framework helps you develop digital skills through television programming that is instructional, innovative and interesting.

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Be ready to move up the career ladder. Coding, digital design and app develpoment classes designed to help you acquire professional-level skills. Earn valuable certifications to validate your new skills.

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Join Lou Rinaldi and experts Josh, Mike and Luis to learn the basics of development. Javascript, Ruby and even Wordpress are covered by the Framework_TV team of experts.


Host Kernah Fequiere and experts Kris, Ramona, and Hannible demonstrate the skills it takes to design and create digital content. You'll learn tools like Photoshop and the basics of HTML5.

BUILD with Mark Lassoff

Join Mark as he guides you thorough building complete apps. You're invited to code along as you build and learn, completing application projects. You'll also advance your skills in the most ubiquitous coding language: Javascript.

localHost with Jessy Griz

Folllow localHost guide Jessy Griz as she goes behind-the-scenes at some very interesting tech spaces, talks to the folks who work there and sees what makes them tick.

Become Certified: Gold Member Learning Experiences

These, more formal learning programs, allow our goal members to learn more focused skills and earn certificates showing their achievements.

Learn Javascript for App Development
Taught by Mark Lassoff

Want to get in to Javascript but haven't coded much before? This course will teach you the foundations of coding as well as the ultra-useful Javascript language.

Fundamentals of Digital Design
Taught by Anne Mulligan

Almost every element you see on a screen today must be designed. What separates successful designs from unsuccessful ones? How do you apply basic design fundamentals to makes sure your visitors arrival at their digital destination?

Photoshop Fundamentals
Taught by Mark Hannon

Join Mark as he guides you thorough building complete apps. You're invited to code along as you build and learn, completing application projects. You'll also advance your skills in the most ubiquitous coding language: Javascript.

Swift for iOS Development
Starting Soon

Swift is the language behind iPhone and Android develoment. Learn the fundamentals of Swift so you can be ready to create iOS applications and deploy them to the App Store!

Also Coming Soon:

Fundamentals of Creating Modern Web Sites
Creating Apps for iPhone and iPad
Java Fundamentals for Android Development
Android Fundamentals
Digital Design Projects

Become a Certified Professional

Earn Certification and Increase Your Professional Value.

Every time you complete one of our more formal learning experiences, you'll receive a certificate. For "Fundamentals" courses you'll receive a Certficate of Achievement. For Specialist courses, after completing the course and online exam, you'll receive a full Certification. All Framework Television Certificates can be earned on your own time allowing you to schedule your learning around your life. No need to put your life on hold to learn new skills!

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